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Our Retro Baits team members represent a broad spectrum of experience, ages and different levels of angling ability. They have fished for specimen carp on diverse venues from all over the UK and Europe. As the season progresses these videos will begin to appear on here throughout 2016.

Nick Burrage : Bait Consultant

February 05, 2016

 Nick is a well known big carp angler across the country and is renowned for catching some of the U.K. s trickiest fish from some of the U.K. s trickiest waters (big and small). There isn't much introduction needed for Nick as most of you will no him from his blogs,tutorials and magazine articles. 

Andy Ellis

December 15, 2015

Andy Ellis has be targeting big carp in the UK and Europe for 13 years capturing some epic fish along the way.


UK PB - 32.12lb

Europe PB - 55.09lb Common

Carl Humpage

December 15, 2015

Carl has been after specimen carp for over 20 years


UK PB - 40.02lb Common

               31,12lb Mirror

Jon Hill

December 15, 2015

Jon Hill has fished in the UK and Europe and had some seriously large carp. Also some monsters from Europe up to inches away from a 60lb carp


UK PB - 42.12lb Mirror

UK PB - 40.02lb Common

Europe PB - 59.15lb

Liam Close

December 15, 2015

Liam has been fishing for 15 years,


UK PB - 43.12lb

Darren Bailey

February 17, 2016

Darren Bailey is a well repected big fish angler with 30 years of experince. He has had most of the big resident fish from the waters he has targeted including the 47 lb common from Baden Hall Fishery.


UK Pb is a 47.07 lb Common

French Pb of 70lb "common".

David Jacks

June 14, 2016

David Jacks:

UK pb 33lb 12oz

French pb 48lb 6oz

UK pb catfish 58lb 2oz

Davids been fishing for 27 years also been running a local syndicate for 5 years has great rig  knowledge. An is not one of blanking

Mathew Timmins

December 15, 2015

Matt has been fishing for carp for over 13 years, including some massive catches of up to 50lb at R H Fisheries exclusive water The Avenue.


UK PB- 50lb Common.

Jack Hudson

December 15, 2015

Jack has been carp fishing for 5 years and been a member of the Retro Baits team for 4 years


UK PB - 36lb

Kane Offland

December 15, 2015

Kane has been carp angling for 8 years now and has caught some awesome species on his travels.


UK PB - 31lb Mirror

Mark Johnson

December 28, 2015

Mark Johnson

Uk PB 34.08 

Eur PB 51.04 from Cassien

Fishing for 36 years around UK and Europe.

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