Essential 5

The Essential 5 has become a firm winter favourite amongst the anglers at RETRO BAITS. Ive personally been using the Essential 5 for three winters now. It’s a fantastic bait all year round, but for me it comes into its own threw out the colder months. It just ticks all the boxes I look for in a winter bait.

First of all its washed out creamy white colour stands out amongst the dieing weed and vast amounts of silt in the lakes that I often find myself fishing threw out the winter months. Threw out the warmer months, I prefer a more subtle approach in terms of the colour and flavour levels of my bait. I also like the hook bait to match the freebees as much as possible majority of the time. Particularly on pressured waters, Every man and his dog is using pop ups or making there hook bait stand out from the freebees. In my opinion this is often making life very easy for the carp. Winter time how ever I like a bait that stands out a little more both in terms of colour and flavour levels.

For me it’s the flavour levels, colour and digestability that makes the Essential 5 such a successful winter bait. Its one of those smells that is familiar, but you can not quite put your finger on it , Its smell is unique its one of them baits that once you have smelt it you will never mistake it for anything else. I love the smell of it personally. These days for me it’s the smell of winter. Its certainly got a bit of kick to it. Unlike the summer months, where I prefer a subtle food type bait, in the winter I want a bait with a bit of a kick, A bit more blatent. As it gets colder the carp doesn’t function as well. A carp isn’t really suited to our climate during winter. Its senses are not anywhere near what they are in the warmer months . Its senses of smell isn’t what it is in warmer months, its metabolism isn’t anywhere near as high and its eye site is also compromised. This is why I beleive the Essential 5 works so well in the winter. Its been designed with those things in mind its appearance, its digestibility and the flavour levels. The use of essential oils for example is one of the keys in giving the bait its high leakage of attraction into the water even when the water tempter is very low. All the ingredients that have gone into the bait have been added with cold water in mind. This means the bait is working at its optimum in cold water conditions. No matter how cold the water is the Essential 5 will be attractive to the carp and unlike a fish meal type bait it is quickly digestable.

I have used the essential 5 on numerous waters, in the harshest of conditions and have caught many good fish useing it. Lots of twenty pound plus fish and numerous thirty pounders. My first night using the bait I was on Weston Park, I managed to catch my first Weston thirty pounder that night. This was the beginning of the best winter fishing ive ever experienced. A couple of occasions that winter i had to defrost the un hooking mat as it was so cold the mat was like a paveing slab where it had froze absolutely solid during the brutal cold of a winters night. If you are un sure of what bait to use this winter, as those cold winter nights draw in around us, be sure to have a look at the essential 5 it’s a high quality bait that has been desighned with winter in mind. Its track record speaks for its self. Remember “Picking the correct bait this winter isn’t just important its essential” ESSENTIAL 5.

Good luck this winter. Keep them bent.

Liam Close (Retro Baits)

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