A Break from the norm....

As the title suggests this year I will breaking from the norm, instead of fishing the day ticket waters or my usual syndicate; I'm going to chase some total unknown fish in my local river.

I have heard a few people talk about the carp in the river, I've even seen a few pics of the odd fish that have been caught, but as far as I am aware no one has put any considerable time or effort into chasing what is a pretty unknown stock.

With 20/30 miles of river to try and locate the fish in, it will be a tall order but I have my own ideas of where I might find them!

With all the bridges and structure in and around the city centre, I'm sure that the fish won't be to far away at all; hopefully seeing any structure as a home and a chance to get out of the main flow??

Factor 2 is which bait to use? As the water is quite murky a lot of the time, I think the best plan is to use a good smelly bait so my plan is to use the truly fantastic squid & octopus. I thin the baiting plan will be easy big baits (as there's a lot of bream in the river) and a lot of bait on a regular basis; luckily where I am planning on baiting is literally a five minute walk from work so guess what I will be doing on my lunch breaks lol.

Squid & Octopus is a brilliant bait for pulling the fish from far and wide and in conjunction with a matching glug, coating them with the stick mix a well baited area should pull the fish in and hold them there time and time again!

Baiting twice a day should keep the catches coming well hopefully as the river carp are very nomadic.

Rig wise is easy blow back rigs snowman style big hooks strong gear; I don't think there is a need to make things complicated as most of the fish will not have seen a hook before anyway, plus the amount of snags and trolleys rocks etc I don't want to be loosing fish.

So the prep work is starting now finding locations even the bait will be starting to be applied, soon even though the closed season will be soon upon us, I will keep baiting the spots, free food and no lines in the water, I hope my plan comes to fruition only time will tell!

Keep watching for the next blog coming soon.


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