Autumn Blog; pt 1

On The Gold

Now the Summer was leaving us it was time to start getting the serious fishing head on ready for the months ahead. My mind quickly had me thinking of one of my syndicates that I hadn't wet a line at all so far this season. The lake in question was a beautiful little 4 to 5 acre bit of water, gin clear, features a plenty and very weedy which was home to around 100/120 lovely dark scaley mirrors and jet black commons.

1st trip planned was a 48 hour session on the 5th and 6th, bait of choice a new one from Retro Baits that I had heard good things about and was close to it's release date called Shropshire Gold!! Due to plenty of silk weed on the bottom rigs were going to be my either faithful hinged stiff rigs with a 10 to 12 inch boom section so my pop up just slowly nestled on top. A rig that had served me well on there last season so why change.

After about an hour of watching the water seeing no signs I opted for a swim commanding the centre of the lake. A steady south westerly was blowing but because it had been blowing in that direction for over a week my thinking was they might have moved off it and be spread around the lake.

It was now almost dusk so two hinged stiff rigs were soon cast out both around 40/45 yards out in 9ft of water and a kilo of the Shropshire Gold put out. All was quiet during the night although a few fish were now starting to show in the area......encouraging. It was now 8.30am I'd been up a few hours when the left hand rod beeped a few times then the bobbin quickly lifted to the top. After a quick fight a Tench lay in the bottom of the net, not what I was targeting but a good hook hold meant the rigs were working properly and presented well in the weed.

Nothing happened during the day but with conditions staying the same I opted for 2nd night in the swim. Again the rigs were placed in the same vicinity and another kilo of Shropshire Gold was put out. As darkness fell I toasted with a bottle of London Pride to the carp gods for nice scaley mirror to find it's way into my net by the morning, then hit the sack!!

There was a fair bit of fish activity during the night more to the swim to my left, but on a similar line only probably 20 yards away. So when the sun started piercing on the horizon the next morning and both rods hadn't had not so much as a bleep it was scratch the head time. 1st thing as I had to be off the lake by 11am was to real both rods in for a quick recast, same pop ups attached as I still wanted the impression that the bait had been in the water a while so Mr Carp would think it safe to eat. I find this a good tactic if you have had fish on you and not had a bite, rigs may just have not been sitting right. The amount of times a quick recast to exactly the same area has resulted in a bite.

It was now 10am most of gear packed away thinking I was on a blank when suddenly the right hand rod let out a one toner and the clutch singing. I soon leaped on the rod and it bent over in full battle mode definitely no Tench attached. After a spirited battle the fish was mine, on looking in the net I could see this lovely dark bronzed looking mirror laying there, the carp gods had spoken.

On the scales it went 24lbs 12oz of beautiful Mirror Carp, a good start to the campaign and a good start on the Shropshire Gold!!

Tight lines all......until next time,


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