Kirk's trip to Earls lake...

Got to earls lake on Saturday morning, I know the lake well and after seeing fish moving in my swim; I was feeling very confident of a bite.

Before setting up the rods, I baited up with half a kilo of meaty g around an island margin. I soon set up and got the rods cast out; after a few tell tail liners, and only 20 minuets in to the session, I had a screaming run resulting in a lovely 19lb mirror. Now the pressure was off, so I could enjoy it more (funny how how getting the first bite out the way relaxes you!) With the rod back on the spot, just for 5 mins and off it went again, this time a mirror of about 3lb; then it went quite.

To help kick start the area again, I baited up with few more handfuls of mg.

I spotted a few fish topping on the back of the wind so repositioned my rods, casting to where I thought they might patrol to! I was soon rewarded with a 14lb mirror; then a couple more small mirrors came my way. After that the wind turned cold and night drew in, not another beep until morning... when I was woke up to a singing alarm, a nice 22lb mirror caught down the margins that and was followed by me rebating the island and margin spots again; quickly resulting in several small mirrors.

Nothing once again after dinner though, until I spotted a couple fish showing around the island again, so put a little more bait in and recast, I didn't even get the swinger on and it was off...

I was rewarded with the biggest fish of the trip at 23lb4oz.

All fish were caught using hair rig, about 10 inches in length, with a size 6 curv-shank hook and all on Retro's meaty g


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