Paddy goes to Earls view...

So after a long, hard 3 days last week at bluebell lakes, i opted for something closer to home, earls view fisheries, a small 5 acre pool just on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Arriving at the fishery I knew there were only 3 pegs available and to be fair I already had my eyes set on one of them, the islands to my right and a bar raised up by 2ft on my left.... with added reeds all around my margin! PROPER CARPY! But the carp were showing them selves from time to time whilst setting up, so I ditched that plan and went straight in at the deep end, my left rod was just a few feet away from the reed to my left, and up on the bar where i had seen activity before, choice of bait and rig was my interpretation of the German rig, meaty G with the nutty narna pop up, the right hand rod armed with a new sample pop up was chucked about 2 rod lengths off the island, on the ronnie rig, around a hour and a half passed and not a knock...The plan of attack was to marker up and find my spots, then go from there....It was time for a change, the right hand rod I brought back in, on went a pva bag with crumbed Shropshire gold and a meaty G wafter as my choice of bait, I paused before my cast a feeding fish was spotted on the corner of the first island, I took my chances and sent it his way! 20 minutes later the delks sounded and the tip of my rod twitching, I pulled into it, and landed the nice little common, fair to say it was only a little chicken bake pasty... but it's saved a blank and were only 2 hours in to my 48 hour session.......

I unhooked the littlen and left it to rest whilst put a pre tied solid bag back out this time to another show of fishing in open water.Now what I was look in forward to all day! Pie & chips! With the thickest gravey you've ever seen! Ahhh bostin! I can tell you that went down a treat! My rods waited patently as did I After putting this little stunner back in the pool, I sent my left rod back out... ronnie rig... 12mm nutty narna, with around 8 free offerings in a small meshed pva, as I cast an clipped on my bobbin the right hand rod which had been in for about 5 minutes went off.... casting to showing fish does pay off ay....... unfortunately it was an even smaller common, no picture was taken of this one as I transferred it straight to the stock pond to grow fin perfect! As I got back (45 seconds) the ronnie rig did it's work this time the rod bent over ! I knew I was in to half decent fish as the fight continued the fish got closer, underneath the rod tip trying to get away then PING! out popped the hook, ok so I've lost a decent fish there... But this encurraged me more to get my rod back in the water! Fighting through the small ones was paying off! Both rods were back out on their chosen spots, where I sat staring at the rod tips waiting for them you to start bouncing, unfortunately I got done on both of the rods.... I left them out a little longer just for that bit of hope they were ok, but no, it was time to sort my self out for the night time, I found two spots, one being 12.5 wraps out where the edge of the island meets the bar and one in a small channel between the two islands, the traps were set for the night as it started to drop dark.

Now what I was look in forward to all day! Pie & chips! With the thickest gravey you've ever seen! Ahhh bostin! I can tell you that went down a treat! My rods waited patently as did I.

The night past with a only a couple of bleeps on the right hand rod but nothing came of it. I was up early for signs of showing fish and I thought this would be my best approach again, it was about 09:30 when my alarms sounded, again another hook pull.... I had a pre made solid bag ready to go so I banged in back on the same spot, hopeful that something would pick me up, I scattered a handful of Shropshire gold around my chosen area and all the way across the island, as I was thinking ahead for the night time and the pressure I will get from the new people fishing opostite me. The rod was in for around 10 minutes, no pull this time and I scoped a lower double into the net! Tidy! Now I am getting through the smaller ones and moving on to better things!

The rod went back in same approach........ weighing in at 14lb on the dot.

A few hours past and the rain came pouring down, I took this opportunity to introduce a small scattering of boilie around my 2 swims. A few hours past until I had my next one, a double take to be exact, one on the pva bag and the other on a new test bait, that billy gave to be a few days before! Banging!

Again only small but but little beauties I'm sure you will agree! The pool went quiet after this for a few hours, I hooked one more but again another hook pull at the net... something I need to think about and reflect on as to why... but this is fishing and anything can happen right? The night closed in so I put my rods back out on there night time spots, right hand still on the bags, left on the ronnie with half a kilo of the only gold in Shropshire, hoping to pull in one of the big girls. I settled for the night around 11pm, I received a couple of knocks on the bagged rod, I was in again, thankfully I landed the lovely little mirror! Unfortunately my camera man didn't want to wake for no pasty so back she went and so did my rod, right back on the money. And we wait..... Now as I sit here, just gone midnight thinking about my session and how much I need a bed buddy as my back is killing me haha, small fish.... in a perfect world/trip bigger the better, I would of loved to have been bagging up on the bigger girls in the pool, but..... I've enjoyed it, the fishing has been productive, my change of tactics at the start has been productive, I'VE been productive maybe there's things to change... a slight swap of bait application or a little tweak of the rig to lure the wiser carp on to my hookbaits, or maybe the littlens are just the ones who are feeding hard and beating the big girls to it, who knows? As I sip the last of my brew and get ready for bed, I'm still feeling hopeful and happy with my self, there isn't much more to ask for. The night dropped very cold but I slept like a dream... until 4 am where something woke me up and I don't think it was my alarms either, as I sat up and looked out of my letter box, I could see my bobbin was dropped back, I got out to investigat, there was no movement so I slightly tightened up after a few minutes I returned to my bivvy and the same thing happened again, was i being done? So again a slight tighten up on the spool, I was just about to get back in bed when I had a single bleep, that was enough for me to go at, so I hit into it, the fish had obviously been nailed for a while but indication wasn't happening for some reason, she put it up a decent fight before slipping over and into my net! Brilliant stuff! Mid double but a right stunner!

To sum it all up... Session length - 48 hours Fish hooked - 11 Fish landed - 8 Bait used - Shropshire gold Bait taken - 4kg Bait used - 1.5kg Pop ups - bubble blue meaty G nutty narna Wafters - meaty G Biggest fish - 15lb (some might call me a matchmen, but I will take that all day over a blank) Untill the next time, stay positive.


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