Les burons (France)

As we arrive at the lake having a walk around, a fish comes out the water giving us a good sign; lucky for me it was in the peg I was fishing so that’s a bit of a buzz. Putting the rods on the spots, now after setting everything up all three rods go out first rod (left hand rod) is going to the back of the island fishing over pellets with meaty garlic boilies some whole boilies some crushed in 15 and 18 ml the rig and hook bait I presented over this was a match the hatch snowman with a 18 ml bottom bait, with a 15 ml pink pop up. Second rod goes out (middle rod) this one is going to the weeping willow on the other side of the bank, same approach this time I was using the essential 5 over a bed of pellets and particles; again with 15 and 18 ml boilies again some crushed to let out a bit more flavour, the rig I was using for the is IQ-D rig with an essential 5 wafter over. Final rod now (right hand rod) this is going the left side of the monk about half a rod length of it this time I was using a hinge stiff rig with a bright fluro pop with about 50 to 60 boilies scattered over the rig the bait I put over this rig was essential 5. After about two hours into the session now rods all out while sitting on my chair having a brew, a fishing boshes right over my left hand rod again good sign that the fish are in the area; as I wait by rods for 5 five to ten more minutes praying it’s going to rip of the bobbin still remained still, about half an hour after that my right hand rips off, one toner! I jump off my bed chair running to my rod and she’s on, whilst playing the fish my middle rod ripped off so I was shouting one of the guys, Matty came running up like Usain Bolt to get amongst the action so as I net mine not looking down at the fish I quickly jump over my rods to help net the other fish that just ripped off. This resulted in a 26.3 oz common 19.8oz mirror Going into the first night having a chill out on the bed chair right hand rod rips off back bent into another one proper scrap this was resulted in a mint 20.2oz mirror.

After these three fish in quick succession I had nothing for another 24 hours when I did I had two fish pretty much one after another we realized the was very wired feeding spells, the feeding spells would be anything from eight o’clock at night till early morning about 7 o’clock, then you was very lucky to pick one of in the day. Going into tea having food left hand rod ripped of this one weighed 24.6oz mirror fin perfect this one again straight after that I had 28.5 oz common, then going into the night early hours had very wired bite one bleep and the rod tip moving a little bit hooked in to a 23.4oz but felt like 50ib I couldn’t do anything with this fish it fell to a meaty garlic pop up on the hinge stiff rig this was very early morning, going on through early hours of the morning this time it wasn’t a one beep an absolute screamer again all these fish very hard fighting fish from the start time you hook them till there in the back of the net this scaly mirror weighed in at 28.5oz.I blanked for 48 hours after these fish but still stuck to my guns bait and rigs, what’s the point of changing when I’ve caught fish one big tip if your confidants in something a certain bait or rig stay with it don’t change because you haven’t caught its either the fish aren’t over your spots or not feeding never change something that you have major confidants in, so going into the 5th night it’s about half 12 just having chill watching the water middle rod rips of hit in to it it’s like I’ve hooked a car just a dead weight plodding around I knew from the time I picked up the rod till the fish was in the net this was no 20,I couldn’t budge this fish try get in a direction just had to let it tier out before even thinking about netting it finally come to the surface one gulp of air and finally was tired out and netted it, this was the biggest fish of my session weighing in at 36.4 oz mint scale perfect common. When I slide this back I couldn’t off cared if I caught another fish I was over the moon with it. Last night now refreshing all the rods about to put them back all on the spots about hour in after the rods are out left hand rod rips of the last fish of my session in France fish called miss match common weighing in at 27.12oz mint fish.

I've been using retro baits for around 7/8 months now, all I can say what an amazing bait never had as good results from water before, I would never use another bait again, the meaty garlic it’s the best bait I’ve ever used.

Just get on it lads…


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