Danny Bailey's Quick overnighter!!

Having started a new job in the week fishing time was limited, so with only an overnighter available I opted to fish one of my club waters close to home. I arrived at the lake just before 5pm on Friday to find it fairly busy as you would expect at this time of the week. To my surprise a swim that I had fished two weeks previous, one which I had had a right result in was free so with no hesitation the barrow was soon plonked in the swim.

I knew exactly my spots from last time so I soon had two snowman rigs whizzing through the air the 12 and a half wrap distance, both fished tight together. The snowman rigs consisted of 14mm Retro Baits Squid n Octopus bottom baits with 12mm Squid n Octopus Pop Ups fished on blowback line aligner rigs!! 10 Spombs of Squid n Octopus was then deposited in the area.

A couple of hours passed before a one toner on the right hand rod, I soon had a mid double common in the net....well that's the blank out the way. Rod back out and it wasn't long before the same rod was away resulting in a 20lbs 2oz Mirror. The plan was to top the swim up with 5 spombs every bite to keep the bait going in but not over doing it. I find the old match style little and often approach can give you much better results than the lets pile a lot of bait in and wait, especially on shorter sessions.

By 10pm a further 2 bites had been forthcoming on the right hand rod, 2 more doubles, but nothing on the left hand rod even though it was probably only 6ft away from the productive rod. I always feel if you haven't had a bite off a rod and you thought you should have recast it even though it is going on the same spot, something might just be wrong with the presentation the way it's sitting etc. Well the proof was there as 10 minutes after the recast a 22lbs 2oz Mirror was in the net a result of the recast....happy days!!

The spot went a little quiet after that apart from the obligatory 8lbs Bream at 1am (yuck lol) It wasn't until around 4.30am the carp moved back in with two quick bites both doubles. At this point the heavens opened and the action stopped which wasn't too bad as I could get some much needed shut eye.

It was now 9am, I was due to be off the lake for 10am, the rain had stopped the sun was out half the kit packed away all now dry. I looked at my bait bucket probably 3 or 4 spombs worth left, right lets give the swim one last top up. As I was about to let fly with the spomb I noticed a bit of fizzing right over the spot I soon had the brakes on thinking right lets not make any disturbance out there. I didn't even have time to put the spod rod down and the left hand rod was away. An epic battle took place pulling my arm off for 10 to 12 minutes, I could see it was a good common and finally it was mine.

Once on the mat I recognised what fish it was one of my target fish.....pukka :) On the scales it went 25lbs 12oz, a few quick self takes and the fish was soon swimming back in it's watery home. At this point the rest of the gear was packed away and I headed off for home one happy chappy!!

Tight Lines all......until next time ;)

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