Nick Burrage : First session on the Meaty Garlic

A quick two night session down the swamp in strong winds and rain seemed to upset the carp a little; well that was until this morning when my bed of Meaty G chops laced through a little hemp drew them in!!

After a couple of hours of liners before first light; watching the bobbin rise and fall, this really kept me on my toes... Then finely as light broke my rod went into meltdown, and didn’t stop there as she gave me a fight from hell all the way to the net... one mid-twenty soon made way for another; as you can see they sit at both ends of the scales shape wise (One tubby and one torpedo)

Hook-baits were a snowman made up of a Meaty G bottom bait and a Meaty G wafter sat on top, this fished on a supple blowback rig cast out to a range of 70 yards or so. In this mild weather the Meaty G worked very well indeed; but if the freezing weather sets in I still have the Essensal to fall back on as a out and out winter bait!

A great first session just after joining the team, the start of many more to come on this excellent Shropshire bait!

Nick 😊

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