Shropshire COLD

Shropshire Cold is very much a winterized version of our Shropshire Gold; with a little of the fish-meals taken away and a more easily digestible cold water food added (to keep them feeding and coming back for more)

Not only that but we have sourced a very cold water feeding stimulant, which is also added to give it that big edge that's always needed in the colder months!

With the liquids staying the same as the gold and being a proven all year round fish catchers, it was a bait that came about with Nick wanting to use the Gold all year round; after the success which came to the Shropshire Gold... who could blame him?? 

After tests and making good use of the team, with massive catches still coming... we soon found we were onto another winner!

As a rule the Shropshire Cold will be available during the colder months and of course the Gold from Spring - Autumn!! 

Keep Catching