Squid & Octopus 

After being with retro baits for a couple of years or so now, its become very obvious their not a company that stands still at all. With new baits being tested regularly by the team, one that stands out to me and that I've caught consistency on, is the Squid and Octopus! With lots of help from Billy this one is a little bit special to say the least; since using it my confidence has risen and then some.

Squid and Octopus is a high food bait that the carp keep coming back for; red in colour and a little spicy with all top end ingredients.

One such trip that S&O worked its magic was when I first used it to be fair; as the session unfolded...

I turned up at Acton bottom lake with a few kilo in hand, with others catching on the mix already I had no doubt it would work!! Quietly sneaking into the barrow swim, I set about getting the rods out; with it being a very close in margin swim, I made good use of my baiting pole. The pole is ideal for situations like this one; two cups of free offerings over each rig, soon saw the chopped Squid & Octopus settled in a neat trap on the edge of the fallen tree. 

Now with kettle on and all quiet, with my bivvy positioned well away from the waters edge; it didn't take long to get my first liner!

The kettle had just boiled and much to my surprise the locked up Rod tip, pulled round violently in the rest; only letting out a lengthy single bleep! The few seconds it took me to rush down to the rods, the carp was rolling on a tight line just feet from the tree. Bent into the upset carp, I found myself in auto pilot; walking back trying to guide her away from the danger area, a roll then another she was now heading for open water (a little upset to say the least!)

No she had me under control, I tried my best to swap places and soon she settled down and plodded back towards me, spitting water from 30 yards out!

I gentle guide and she slowly drifted into netting range. Pew.... in the tight area of the swim, the whole battle was breathtaking; not to mention heart stopping!

Taking the ride on the scales she bounced the needle round to 35lb and oz's; a photo later from a guy up the lake and the rig was soon back out.

Buzzing from the early capture, I was soon surprised again with a low 22lber ... was looking like they couldn't get enough of the S & O !! 

With the tight area spooked from the early success, the carp had moved up the lake and I spent the rest of the next day stalking (but that's another story)

The Squid & Octopus is based on the meaty g base mix but with a few other attractors added, which makes it a great fish catcher and very instant indeed!!

Give it a go, it's now a proven fish catcher as all the catch reports confirm.