Animal is a mix of high quality blended fish meal and a quality bird food...
It really has a smell and taste like nothing else... 
With fish sometimes wanting a bait that has been sat for a few days, only returning when they feel safe; so I designed a bait to sit on the line where the baits start to turn naturally (or give the impression anyway) So the sugars are turning to alcohol and the food content is starting to get slightly sour, giving it a slight rank smell and taste!! 
Always try to be different and give the fish a safe quality meal!
Animal has  a back note of  fermented Plum and this helps with boiling it for me, as it’s a smelly bait even without the Plum!
So it has a taste and smell of a bait on the edge, and it’s been smashing waters before the lockdown.
Has a high amount of quality ingredients including lots of pre-digested  fishmeal and other fish meals, not to mention the quality mix of bird food that’s added to taste and texture, with other feed stimulates that sit well within a bait like this!
It will sit at the top end of our bait tree and we have to sell at a slightly higher price per kilo, (£8 per kilo) than our other baits in our range, due to the ingredients used... the results speak for themselves  👊🦍
Retro 🎣

Animal Freezer & Shelf life