Nutty Narna


The Nutty Narna has a very similar make up to the maple in toffee, With the same powdered ingredients just at different ratios. Instead of maple and toffee flavouring, It has a natural liquid roast peanut extract which we sourced from a peanut farm in the USA along with a natural Banana flavour. Making it a very strong peanut dominated bait, With the addition of smooth natural banana palatant, It compliments the peanut extracts and powders. We created this peanut dominated bait becuase its the safest way of using peanuts in your fishing with no risk of any harm to the fish from being under cooked like peanuts are renowned for and is 100% fish freindly. Ask any old skool angler and they will tell you that peanuts used in the correct way are one of carp fishings top 5 baits counting for 1000s of fish over decades.