Matty V just had the biggest common in monument 1 ( 38lb) on the ever popular Nut-Mino..Top drawer angling mate !! Well done

Watch out for videos featuring catches coming from Retro Baits in 2016!

Nut Mino

Nut mino has been tested by our Retro Baits consultants to study how effective it is over different months of the year.

Warm water and cold water angling has led to massive fish getting on the munch with this outstanding bait.

When you dont have to worry about the effectiveness of your bait you can concentrate on your watercraft to present it in the right location with the correct methods.

Bait which is very digestible means the fish metabolism can convert its goodness into a healthy growth rate faster.

Take a look at R H Fisheries to see their fabulous premier waters and high quality carp. Most of the bait at The Monument 1 and 2 are supplied by Retro Baits.

Take a look at the full range of Retro Baits products we supply to R H Fisheries in their section on this website.