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When using the website shop to continue buying products return to the shop button on the menu bar above. The 'cart' will add all your items as you choose to buy them, click the 'cart' at any time to view your chosen products. Where you see a magnifier icon hover it over the images to have an enlarged view of the products.

Please note that each type of boilie is available from 1kg minimum orders and multiples up from that offering savings for buying in more bulk. All boilie orders will be delivered in handy 1 or 5 kg bags.

All feed boilies sold in 1kg bags in shelflife baits,

with 5kg,1kg for freezer baits

Spicy Crab Range.jpeg
Carp Bait Range
Barbel Bait Range
White Toffee Tigers.jpeg
Hook baits.jpeg
Black cap.jpeg