This is the very first bait we ever produced and still our best seller through out the whole season. With the name meaty garlic people think this is a strong garlic flavoured bait and they couldnt be further from the truth. It has no artifitial flavourings or additives, Only natural extracts. It contains 16 different powders and meals with Lt94, Haiths robin red, Krill meal, Squid meal, Full fat GLM, All at high levels, Plus alot more. The extracts we use in this bait are natural top grade fish extracts which we mix in house at a certain ratio to obtain the best natural attraction, And has a catch rate to prove this. We have had some of the countries top anglers using this in a stalking scenario on some hard pressured waters, And have seen the fishes reaction to this compaired to other bait they are using with outstanding reactions by the fish. Certainly a bait that will up anyones catch rate no matter their angling back ground.