How to Guide

The 'How to Guide' will look at how to get the best out of using the Retro Baits range of products. Step by step guides and videos will show how to use each one and how they can complement and interact with each other for maximum effect. This will also be a broad feature on all subjects such as what scenarios will demand a certain approach, and how best to maximise your catches.

Maxinise your


This feature will be here for anglers of all levels to refer to, and a point of reference for anglers new to Retro Baits.

The anglers who help put this together have many years experience and have developed these products, tested them and proven to catch carp on a diverse range of waters in the UK and abroad.

For example we will look at the best and proven methods for our products. We also encourage innovations and your own adaptations as its small twists that can bank that elusive carp when it comes to presentation.