Meaty Garlic!

Right from the start of my time with Retro Baits I used Meaty G; I couldn't fail but to be impressed by this full blooded food bait I chose from the range.  Captures came very quickly with a pair of 30lb plus commons and a 29 lber for good measure, all this during a quick night down the Mangrove Swamp in Shropshire.

This bait is a fishmeal base mix made up from many many parts, to make sure the carp get it just how they like it; tough skin with a lovely moist almost cakey centre.  Red in colour which comes from Heaths Robin Red, with a finely tuned blend of attractors and of course flavours (including Garlic Flake)...  The carp just love it!

I've always been a food bait sort of guy, much preferring a bait the fish eat and keep coming back for more; a season on just one or two waters and applied correctly this will take many waters apart.  Very much the oldest bait in the range, as this was one of Billy's brain child's from when he first started rolling bait many years ago.

It's a bag of confidence for sure!

Myself I've had more than my fair share of captures on Meaty G, from massive hits in France, to stalking a pair of 40 lb plus English carp out of a hard lakes; watching carp feed at close range on fresh Meaty G, was an incredible site and one that will sit in my memory banks forever.  This one is what I consider as a bait to bench mark all other baits!



Nick Burrage.