Essential 5 (Review)

The essential 5 is the first bait I used from the Retro range, it’s a bait that I really like to use.

I started using it earlier in the year in March and straight away it was putting fish on the mat for me. I love the strong citrus smell, so do the carp for that matter.

It did me a lot of bites out of a little estate lake, I was lucky enough to be fishing in the spring; then I took it to France and it did me a 44lb PB mirror, I did well fishing 3 bait stringers and an essential bottom bait.

I also took it on a couple of day ticket waters around May time, doing me some more bites and my confidence just grew even more!

I switched to the fish-meal Meaty G over the summer and autumn, but I’ll be getting back on the essential 5 after Christmas for the winter and spring campaign again; it’s a bait that seems to produce quality fish over and over again...  can’t wait to get out there in the new year and give them some more essential 5.

Its essential to use the right bait in the colder months!!!


Tight lines 

 Matty Hill