Crazy Nut...

Now where do I start with this one?? 
Crazy Nut came about in very much the same way as the successful Shropshire Gold did, with myself wanting a no holds barred bait, with very natural and quality ingredients.
The base mix is a nut/milk/birdfood make up, with this well balanced base mix it can happily be used all year round. It  also has many natural ingredients that adds needed vitamins and minerals to the mix; which help the carp all year round.
With nut meal, nut flour and nut pieces, it has more nut than a peanut inside lol...
It doesn't stop there either, the liquids have been carefully selected to give maximum flavour/attraction without making the bait oily at all; with 4 different nuts broken down and then put back together (Frankenstein style) we ended up with a mix that just oozes attraction along with being very good for the carp.
To help with its attraction we made it 'Active' so summer or winter this can be safely used and will always work at its best; in test its absolutely blown people away with its results.
Crazy carpers now have a Crazy bait.

Allergy Warning


Contains large amount of NUTS