Acton pt 2

After my last successful trip to Acton upper, It’s been a while but I'd been busy down the bait shop keeping you guys happy; making bait and fine tuning my new mix... now nicely rounded off with again another natural ingredient, must say it's a bit special if my catches so far are anything to go from...

We're really pleased with the outcome of the bait, and wherever it's been used it's been working its magic in record time!!

Anyway let's get back to the trip in hand....

With the majority of the fish being in-front of the shallow first and second bay yet again; I had a little plan off the back of what I'd learnt last trip. I was thinking of the Oak swim, as the carp always seemed to end up near there; well after being given pressure from either side of the lake and the bays!

Its funny how some things come about; driving round the first part of the lake, I bumped into a guy who was first in the queue so to speak, he soon jumped out of the bushes as I was driving round. The normal conversation starter shot out my mouth... you coming or going fella??? 'Just coming' he said! 'Where you thinking' was my reply! (Being in a first come first serve sort of mindset; just as a fish rolled in-front of the second bay) his reply was 'first bay if you don't mind Nick?' I was going to push him in the lake and race round; but I did fancy the Oak to be fair. So this time my plan was falling into place from the start, not only did we have an empty swim between us but I also had someone at the other end of the bays to push the fish back and forth… no complaints from me for sure!!

Me being super keen as always and fish rolling where I left them last time, I was soon behind the old Oak tree swim in my car.  Thinking to myself how easy that was as I unloaded the car and I soon made the long journey carrying my gear to the swim; OK OK 20 yards that’s all, but there was a tuft of grass in the way!!

Sitting on my bucket watching the water as I sorted through my tackle bag, I soon saw a few fish and all with their backs out in the shallow 2 feet area. Leaving the fish alone, I thought it was an ideal time to get some bait out, on the clear area a few good rods out! This end of the lake was silt weed city to put it politely, I’d found this area at the end of my last trip to the lake… planning ahead as I do! Deciding to bait up in the slightly deeper water was done with a throwing stick (14mm’s of Shropshire Gold) Oh forgot to say that’s what I’ve called it in the end; so watch this space on that front! About a light kilo peppered the area; keeping the disturbance away from the fish, I soon cast two supple blow-back rigs into the area… As normal two bottom baits (Dead Snowman style or matching the hatch if you like) I find this is the only way to get a true feel of testing a bait, if their feeding you will get bites; if I used bright toppers I could also catch, but I wouldn’t know if it was just a curiosity take then. The deeper area was more to my liking as the carp didn’t seem to feed much if at all in the daylight hours, with them moving out the shallows and feeding at night it seemed the right way to approach it in my eyes!!

The last rod was just a simple chod rig cast to the edge of my water towards the showing fish, all sounds simple as I write but lots of route watching went on before that rod went out for sure!

Baited up and rods out and the guy who chose the bay swim had only just arrived in the area, any one who knows how I go about things will know I was rubbing my hands at that moment! Put it this way; disturbance is a big key sometimes and it’s something you can use in your favour (especially someone else’s disturbance)

With the rest of the gear set up and kettle on, I was just sat taking in the incredible view from the swim; I could see from one end of the lake to the other, watching the carps movements would be a massive edge as the season goes on (that will be a bit of info I will keep tight to my chest for a while yet!) With a warm lake and rods out in the water, I opted for my trusty Crocs and shorts; waders are great but with an alarm screaming at you in the wee hours, its all I can do to find the lake sometimes!!


First Night!

As the evening drifted by the light faded to a dim glow in the distance, with a few bleeps systematically to each rod as the carp moved out the shallows; the witching hour had soon passed and my eyes grew heavy. Eyes shut and still listening to the odd roll and coot scream in the dead of night, I must have drifted off to be awoken by a couple of bleeps on the baited area rod?? Awake and trying to imagine what could be going on out there, I soon had the kettle going again; to the sound of yet another bleep before it finished boiling!

Another hour drifted by with a few more liners, some lifted the bobbin and very slowly returned to the starting position again. Knowing the fish were somewhere near the spot or very much on it; I left it well alone and waited for the outcome of the fish ripping up the lakebed around my rigs.  To me it was just a matter of time and sure enough…. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I was away, scrambling out to my rods (it was suppressing how chilly the water was, after being sat warm in bed) almost falling over with my feet stuck in the shallow silt, being pitch black and treading water and silt towards a bright light is never good !! Turning the retched noise off as I picked up the rod was bliss, even more so when I found a heavy lump pulling back from the other end. Looking into the black sky, I could see weed hanging in small pieces down my line… Silt weed but Id just have to see what happened as I wound in!

Plodding away and kitting left she came towards me quite quickly, with weed gathering in my tip ring the battle became harder and harder as she came close; with weed starting to lock the line up and the carp rolling just yards away, my knees started knocking; with the fish too close to be able to remove the weed I was in danger country for sure.  The carp rolled and bolted for freedom, taking the weed from my tip ring with it; still on and myself soaking the tight bit of weed in the lake; at the very next netting opportunity I managed to push the weed down my line and in she went… Come on!! Very pleased and in the dark hours of night, that battle could have quite easily had a different outcome for sure.

With the morning light just breaking, I managed to wake the guy up two swims away for a picture; taking a ride in the sling she went 35lb 4oz… a stunning mid thirty on my first morning; result!!

Leaving the rod out of the water was a wise move to be honest, with another rig in the area I felt another bite may well come?? The reel line was all pig tailed and needed attention or some chopping off to say the least, that would have to wait until after morning bite time had drifted by. Funny thing is I sat and watched loads of anglers re-cast their rods at 8am, then it was no surprise my shallow water rod rattled off with an angry double on the end at 9am!

With a night still left under my belt, I prepped the spot again as the fish bobbed around the shallows in the dinnertime sunshine. Easy way of fishing for me, but it’s very much when and where to do it; not to mention in the area when Id be expecting bites. As the sun rolled round my swim became cool again, helped by the shadows of the trees; once again watching the carps movements around the lake (plans ready for my next trip!)

Night again eventually drifted in, to the sound of my alarm and an early low twenty mirror. Same area and without much in the way of liners, I didn’t feel the need to re-bait at all; rod back out without any fuss… it was surly time to get some sleep as I was like a walking dead zombie.

Bit like clockwork the rods out on the baited spot, started bleeping and slow up and down liners soon became the norm from 2am. A little quicker than the night before the bleeps turned nicely into a screaming take! Almost a bid of deja-vu from the night before, plodding fight but this time I weted the tip weed before the fish got too close; that helped to be honest (you live and learn) with another lump in the net, but this one went 36lb 2oz!! Hows that for a nice brace of mid-thirties I thought; all a bit like clockwork but well thought out trip, with the least amount of disturbance I could get away with!!

Can’t wait for the next time…